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Dutch woman helps keep the legacy of 101 Airborne Division

On Thursday August 16th, Dutch Leoni Wenstedt from Eindhoven was appointed “Honorable Member of the Regiment” by Colonel J.P. McGee, commander of the 1st Brigade Combat Team “Bastogne” of 101 Airborne Division at Fort Campbell.

Her mother is already an Honorable Member of other units of the 101. The appointment is a recognition of the efforts of Leoni (and her mother) to keep the memories alive of the role the 101 had in the liberation of the Netherlands in 1944. She is the secretary of the “Screaming Eagles of WWII Foundation”.

The foundation was established in 2000 to continue the work of Leoni’s grandfather Piet Pulles. He published the history of the 101 in WWII in a series of books under the title “Screaming Eagles of WWII”.

Leoni, a student, is very active with organizing all kinds of events for the old and the young veterans of the famous division including visits to Normandy, the Airborne Walk in Eerde, and collecting for wounded warriors of the “101.”