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Water Management

With large areas of the Netherlands below sea level or prone to flooding, no one lives with or manages water better than the Dutch.

The US has turned to the Dutch to help address some of its own unique water challenges, like flooding and drought in the western United States, hurricane protection along the Gulf Coast, and rising sea levels that threaten major cities and small communities.

Our expertise makes the Netherlands the United States’ go-to partner for water management solutions as we help prepare both our countries’ economies and citizens for short- and long-term challenges.

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H209 Forum

The Henry Hudson 500 Foundation, the Regional Plan Association, the Netherlands Water Partnership and the Metropolitan Waterfront Alliance have team up to present the H209 Forum in New York on Sept. 9-10, 2013.

The conference will focus on subjects such as adapting to climate change for delta regions in the decades to come, the economics and governance of water and innovate water technology.

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Water management study tour

The American Planning Association hosted a professional study tour in the Netherlands in May 2013 to explore how protection methods can be used and applied to coastal regions throughout the United States. As part of the tour, Secretary General of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Renée Jones-Bos will deliver the L'Enfant Lecture on City Planning and Design. More information.

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