The Netherlands Embassy and Consulates, United States

Human Rights and International Law

The rule of law and human rights are neither Dutch nor American values; they are universal values that form the foundation of civilized societies, ensure long-term global security and allow social progress and economic mobility. The Netherlands’ commitment to promoting and defending these ideals is enshrined in our constitution and guides our interactions with the community of nations.

The International Court of Justice

The International Court of Justice

The Dutch work aggressively with the United States and through multilateral institutions to hold violators of international law and human rights accountable for their actions. Together we demand protection of and respect for justice, equality and human dignity, and advance democracy and freedom worldwide.

History has demonstrated the impact of nations acting in concert to protect basic human rights. We are proud to play an important role in the global allow people to live free from violence, discrimination, political and religious repression and poverty. Simultaneously we are humbled by our own need to continually advance openness and to stop discrimination within our own borders.